Lumpy Waters Symposium



LUMPY X is October 12-14th, 2018

 ***Lodging space is limited.  Your reservation is not complete until you have received final confirmation of lodging availability.  ***

The Lumpy Waters Symposium is a skill building event on the Oregon Coast designed to take your sea paddling up a notch.    

Read on to find out more about the 10th Annual Lumpy Waters Symposium in 2018 and details about how to get signed up.  


Step # 1:  Read all information in full and feel free to ask questions before booking.  We can walk you through the process one on one if needed.  Loads of information can be found in this page so take your time.

Step # 2:  Consult the "Self Assessment Guidelines" below to identify what skill category best describes your current abilities.  Self assessments are rarely accurate, so please seek assistance from a trusted coach or peer.  We can also help you with this, just give us a call.  We will also require you to answer some questions about your current skill level during the booking process.  Please take time to answer all questions accurately and honestly.     

Step #3:  Decide your focus.  Do you want to learn to go on successful journeys or are you looking to improve your sea kayak play skills?  Or do you want to mix it up and try both?  More information about these choices below... The Lumpy Waters Symposium is STUDENT FOCUSED.  We want to respond to demand and student needs.  We will be custom tailoring our class selection to those registered.  

Step #4:  Once you have read all the information provided including the cancellation policy and identified your focus and skill level, continue with booking.  Click the blue highlighted dates on the calendar to the right side of the screen.  Be sure to enter any promo codes you may have. 


Step#5:  Select what room / board option you want for the weekend.  For multiple participants, please have all information needed before proceeding.  It's essential that each person fill out their own questionaire within the booking process.  

Step #6: Complete your booking form including all required fields.  Please answer all questions to the best of your ability.

Step #7:  Read over the confirmation email and check for any errors.  Call us with any questions.  Once we have a better idea of student wants and needs for specific programs, we will be releasing the full schedule and will contact you for your choices. Until then...

Get OUT on the water and practice your skills.  Learn to roll if possible.  Take some skill building classes to prepare for the experience.  Please contact us if you have any questions about how to prepare for Lumpy Waters.  

DISCLAIMERS: (Read ALL before selecting your schedule)

* Students will be able to adjust their schedules at the event each day. We encourage you to make your course selections with an open mind. Let us know if you would like suggestions about adjustments when you arrive.

* Be conservative when making class choices. Start slow and work your way up in difficulty once you feel things out. It's always better to be prepared for the class rather than playing catch up.   

* If you are not sure about your ability to perform to the level of a class please ask us for clarification.  e-mail

* Each class will be categorized as either "Play" or "Journey" focused; then labeled Novice, Intermediate, or Advanced Intermediate. Each class will also include a list of REQUIRED pre-requisite skills. Please take the time to determine if each class is really appropriate for your skill level. If you are not sure of your personal skill level please refer back to the "Overview" tab for definitions of each level. (Novice, Intermediate, or Advanced Intermediate)



Before continuing with the booking process, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the categories below.  Accurate self assessments are important to you, to us, and to the other participants.  Lumpy Waters is an inclusive event, but by signing up you are assuming responsibility of making appropriate choices for yourself.  Some experience IS required to participate.  

As a participant, skill based groupings help ensure that you are learning at the most appropriate level.  When a class is too challenging or not challenging enough, effective learning is greatly reduced.  Self assessment helps us manage risk and allows participants to learn and perform at a reasonably equal level.   

Identify which skill category best describes your current level.  Keep in mind that most students greatly over-estimate their personal abilities.  Please seek assistance from a instructor, coach, or trusted peer if possible.  You should fulfill MOST requirements of the category that best describes you.


Novice Sea Boater: The novice sea boater has had formal instruction from a certified instructor or coach.  They can perform self rescues and peer rescues in flat deep water without going to shore. They can paddle forward with efficiency, maneuver their kayak on edge, and can move sideways using effective draw strokes.  Novice boaters at Lumpy Waters should prevent capsizing effectively in flat water using basic bracing stokes.  They are able to maneuver their kayaks in tight spaces and can paddle 6-8 miles in protected coastal or inland environments over the course of a full day of paddling. If you currently hold a British Canoeing 2 Star Award you are likely in this category.

*If you do not meet these minimum level skill requirements, inquire about courses to take prior to Lumpy Waters to properly prepare for the experience and to meet those requirements* 


Intermediate Sea Boater:  The intermediate sea boater can perform all of the desired skills of a novice efficiently and effectively on BOTH sides.  They can paddle backwards and forwards maintaining a course in moderate wind (Force 3).  The intermediate sea boater should be able to roll their kayak reliably in flat water.  They are proficient with deep water solo rescues and towing techniques.  The intermediate has good group awareness, assesses personal risk accurately, and can travel well in a group of led paddlers.  They can perform skills in winds up to about 10 knots, moving water up to 3 knots, and swells up to 5 ft.  The intermediate sea boater can paddle 8-15 miles in a typical day and can hold a cruising speed of at least 3 knots.  These paddlers should also know how to operate safely in the surf zone with other paddlers and users. If you currently hold a British Canoeing 3 Star Award you are likely in this category


Advanced Intermediate Sea Boater:  The advanced intermediate sea boater has a variety of experience in the cockpit and can perform all the fundamental skills and deep water rescues in wind up to 20 knots, moving water up to 4 knots, and swells up to 7 feet!  The advanced intermediate has a reliable roll on either side in moving water, wind, and the surf zone.  Paddlers at this level should be in good physical condition and can paddle 15-20 miles in a day while holding speeds over 3 knots.  At this level, students should already possess some good seamanship skills such as environmental / weather and sea state awareness, tidal and trip planning, basic navigation, applies weather forecasts, and is knowledgable about emergency equipment and procedure.  Advanced intermediates can help perform rescues in conditions including rough water landings, towing, and efficient assisted re-entries in conditions. If you currently hold or are working towards a British Canoeing 4 Star Award you are likely in this category.

Course Tracks:

Each course on the schedule will have emphasis towards either Playing or Journeying.  The skill and knowledge sets required for each overlap, but the focus of classes and the sorts of boundaries that you would draw differ.  

Most sea kayakers have interests in both play and journeys, but often paddlers will have an affinity towards one or the other.  These categories will help to better indicate the intent of each course and will allow students to make better informed class choices based on their needs.    


These courses focus on all the physical and cognitive skills needed to safely move from one place to another through a variety of sea / coastal environments.  These paddlers are simply trying to arrive safely at their destinations despite adverse conditions including dynamic and rough sea states.


These courses focus on mainly the physical motor skills needed to perform playful maneuvers on dynamic and rough waters.  While the emphasis is on motor skills, awareness and risk assessment of the play zones are also part of these classes.  If you want to park and play all day in one location these courses are for you.                                                                                       

Need More Info?:  

Playing / surfing requires a higher degree of motor skills, but typically takes place in a localized environment.  Traveling / journeying takes place in a much broader environment, requiring the application of more cognitive skills to avoid the need for more advanced motor skills.  In neither case is this absolute.  A play paddler on the sea must realize that this is a hostile, dynamic, and complex zone that requires a certain amount of knowledge and understanding of the envoronment to operate safely.  A traveler must realize that if they do much traveling on the sea, inevitably they will find themselves in rough seas or be forced to land through the surf and will need good rough water motor skills.  Each class will have elements of both motor and cognitive skills but the emphasis will differ.  

*If you are not sure what level classes to request please inquire at after completing your reservation form.  


ALL classes are subject to weather and sea conditions. We reserve the right to make changes to venues, schedules, instructors, and students at any time. We will not be providing refunds due to weather or sea conditions. We will work to provide safe venues despite the weather. By signing up you are accepting the risks with full knowledge that we cannot control guarantee safe sea conditions for all classes.

Cancelation Policy:
For all Lumpy Waters resrvations there is a non-refundable $100 deposit required.  The Pacific Northwest is a dynamic and often unpredictable environment. All activities are run/fun rain or shine. All programs are conditions dependent and may change at any time at our discretion. In order to keep our programs affordable a minumum number of participants may be required. If we are unable to fill a program to a minimum requirement level we reserve the right to cancel the program.
If you need to cancel, please do so by October 1st to receive a 50% refund. After October 1st there will be no refunds but store credit for future classes will be awarded. Transfers will be discussed and accommodated to the best of our ability. 

Additional Info:
We will be staying at the Cape Kiwanda RV Park. We have assorted cabins, tent camping and RV sites available. We have also reserved a group meeting room complete with indoor, heated pool access and a jacuzzi.

We have the space blocked out so you will be assigned a space/cabin upon your registration.

You can also book a room at the Inn at Cape Kiwanda by calling 888.965.7001 or make arrangements to rent your own house.  If you supply your own lodging in this way, be sure to choose the class and food only pricing option.

Pacific City, OR, United States

Event Check in opens at Friday at 8AM and CLOSES at 11:00AM at the Cape Kiwanda RV Resort Club House. Lunch is at 11AM followed by mandatory participant meeting at Noon. 

Students and coaches will meet Saturday and Sunday morning at the Cape Kiwanda RV Park Club House for a safety briefing and organizational meeting at 8:30am . Class rosters will be announced along with special information needed by all groups at this time. Classes will conclude each day at approximately 4:30pm. (2pm on Sunday)

 SCHEDULE INFORMATION:  We run what we believe is the most student centered symposium in the world!  We evaluate your needs and ability levels as best we can in the registration process.  Once most people have signed up, we actually build the event schedule to suit the needs of those who have registered! The official 2017 schedule can be viewed at  This event DOES SELL OUT!  

Please stay flexible as conditions, coaches, and courses can and often do change at the event.  We take what the sea gives us on the weekend.  We will re-evaluate the class offerings each morning and evening and will adapt to the changing conditions. 

A reminder… Refunds will not be given for classes being changed or cancelled due to factors beyond our control.  Safety is our number one priority.  

Anyone can put together their own custom tailored program by selecting classes from below.  Still not sure what to sign up for?  Please let us know.  Contact for more guidance. 
All are more than welcome to participate in “Yoga for Paddlers”  at 11:00am Friday as a way to prepare your mind and body for the Lumpy experience.  There will also be Yoga on Saturday and Sunday mornings!
We are utilizing the facilities at the Cape Kiwanda RV Resort located across the street from the Pelican Brew Pub in Pacific City, Oregon, USA! We have cabins, tent camping, and RV spots reserved and we will be using their Club House for meetings and meals (not to mention their heated swimming pool and jacuzzi).

THURSDAY: It is possible to check in to your cabin / tent/ RV site on Thursday for an EXTRA Charge. You MUST let us know well in advance and have the reservation confirmed through Suzi before October. ( The same is true for any drysuit rental needed. PLEASE let us know ASAP if you need an extra night of lodging or a rental drysuit.

FRIDAY: In the morning check-in will start at 8am at The Club House and continue till 11am. ALL participants must check in at registration upon arrival. Lunch will begin at 11am at the Club House. The participant meeting will begin at 12:00pm sharp. Friday's classes will begin at 1pm and will conclude at approximately 4:30pm.

Happy Hour is hosted by _____ Friday evening at 5pm so come prepared to party! Dinner will be available starting at 6:30pm in the Club House

SATURDAY: Check in will be open from 7:00 am to 8:00am Saturday morning. We will provide 3 meals at The Club House. (Breakfast 6:00am, Lunch 12:30pm, Dinner 6:30pm). Sack lunches are provided for full day off-site classes. Coaches will meet at 7:30am for a meeting. Students will meet at 8:00am for the BIG morning meeting. Courses will begin at 8:00am and end at about 4:30pm

Happy Hour is hosted by ______ at 5pm. Dinner is at 6:30pm

SATURDAY NIGHT: Alder Creek Kayak & Canoe will be hosting an all new interactive team quiz game and /or educational presentaions! Participants will be split into several groups and will compete for prizes, honor, and immortal fame. Also, enjoy video clips from the first two days of the event. We work hard and play even harder. Come and enjoy the festivities this year!

SUNDAY: Is another day of exciting classes! We'll provide breakfast at 6:00am and sack lunches will be provided for all. Check in will be open from 7:30am to 9:00am. Coach's meeting is at 8:00am and the participants meet at 8:30am. Classes begin promptly at 9am. The event will wrap up at approximately 2pm.

*Students and coaches will all meet each morning at the Cape Kiwanda RV Park Club House for a safety briefing and organizational meeting. Class rosters will be announced along with special information needed by all groups at this time. Classes will conclude each day at approx. 4:30pm. (2pm on Sunday)


We run the most student centered symposium in the world!  We evaluate your needs and ability levels best we can in the registration process.  Once most people have signed up, we actually build the event schedule to suit the needs of those who have registered! 

Please stay flexible as conditions, coaches, and courses can and often do change at the event.  We take what the sea gives us on the weekend.  Please make your class selections now and email us ASAP to with your preferred schedule choices for each day. We will re-evaluate the class offerings each morning and evening and will adapt to the changing conditions. 

A reminder… Refunds will not be given for classes being changed or cancelled due to factors beyond our control.  Safety is our number one priority.   

To see the full schedule visit the lumpy site here:


After each day's activities we will meet back at the Cape Kiwanda RV Park for Happy Hour and Dinner. (except Sunday)


We require all participants to dress for immersion in COLD water.  At the Oregon coast that means you should be wearing a drysuit or full length wetsuit with drytop or paddle jacket.  Please come dressed and prepared for cold water to prevent hypothermia.  

You are responsible for your own comfort on and in the water.  We highly recommend drysuits, booties, skull caps, and plenty of fleece or wool (non-cotton) layers.  Drysuits are available for rent from Alder Creek Kayak & Canoe.  Boats, drysuits, and other gear can be rented for a very reasonable rate.  There is no excuse for coming un-prepared for cold water.  Please contact Suzi or Andrew to add gear rentals to your reservation. or

Please bring a HELMET!  Helmets are required for almost all courses.

Here is a basic list of the bare minimum gear requirements:

  • Seaworthy Kayak (including secure bouyancy)
  • Paddle
  • PFD
  • Sprayskirt
  • Bilgepump  
  • Paddlefloat
  • Helmet
  • Immersion Clothing
  • Spare layers
  • Snacks
  • Water
  • Protective footwear 
  • Sleeping gear
  • Toiletries or other personal comforts                                               

We are providing a lunch with snacks and drink but if you require more frequent meal/water breaks please bring your own.  

*All rough water and surf classes or tours will require helmets unless otherwise instructed by the coaching staff.*

Please consider purchasing a helmet and properly fitting it prior to the event. It is your head we are talking about here… (We will have a limited number of helmets to load out).

*For any class requiring specific equipment such as rescues, short boat surfing or fishing please realize that we will be able to provide some options, but ultimately make sure you have what you need for the weekend prior to the event.

Call us if you have questions about gear requirements 503-285-0464

SPECIAL NOTE: We have chosen not to provide alcohol. If you would like to bring your own please feel free to do so. Aluminum, plastic and foil bags are easier to store than glass. We do not allow consumption of intoxicants prior to or during paddling sessions. Be responsible for cleaning up after yourself in general. There will be sponsored gatherings at the end of each day with adult beverages provided.

Gratuity:  It's NEVER expected but always appreciated.  If you feel your coaches / guides have done an exceptional job and made your experience a memorable one, then you can certainly show your appreciation by giving a tip. The amount is totally up to you. Many people believe that anyone in a service type of job (like restaurant and hotel employees, hair dressers and dog groomers, etc.) should get between 10-20% of the total cost of the service. That is not to say that’s what we suggest, but that’s what most people tip when they do tip. So, for instance, if your trip was $200.00, and your guide made your experience a memorable one, a $20-$40 tip would be generous and greatly appreciated!

If your coach / guide was so exceptional that you want him or her to be your guide on all future trips, simply request them at the time you make your reservation.  While we cannot promise he/she will be available, we will do everything in our power to accommodate your request.

Pacific City, OR, United States