San Juan Island 4 day Tour

Location:  WA, United States
Starting From: US $595.00
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  • Explore local islands, traveling by kayak, while taking advantage of tidal currents.
  • Distance touring of 4- 10 miles of paddling per day.  (more is available during evening paddling)
  • Start to develop the tools needed to complete a multi-day tour on your own.
  • Experience boat packing, menu planning, navigation, group safety, paddling in wind and waves and practicing boat handling skills.  
  • We paddle in single kayaks unless you request a double. You get to be the captain of your own vessel!

Enjoy incredible scenery, kayak camping, great food, team camaraderie and instruction all rolled together while exploring the beautiful San Juan Islands. Join our coaches and staff on this exceptional four day adventure and watch your paddling skills rise to a new level of understanding and expertise. The itinerary consists of learning group dynamics, paddle skills, navigation, efficient boat packing, boat control, and maybe even a swim or two to practice rescues. If you really want to go "sea kayaking" join us for this superb experience. We will provide each person with the appropriate kayak for their size, ability and experience. Tandem kayaks available.

Plan on meeting us on Orcas Island the first morning of the trip.  From there we will head down to a near by island to set up camp.  We will be padding in the area in and around Orcas Island then heading back on Sunday afternoon so you can head home at a reasonable time. 

Things To Bring

Tennis shoes or river sandals with wool socks or wetsuit booties

Sunglasses with retention device (i.e. Croakies, Chums, etc)

Sunscreen (SPF 30), lip balm (SPF 15)

Sun hat, rain hat, and/or fleece hat 

Synthetic top and bottom (thermal underwear, heavier wt. for cooler weather) 

Rain coat and rain pants

Nylon shorts and/or swimsuit
Water bottle (1 quart)

Towel and change of clothes for ride home 

Lunch and snacks

For Camp:


Tent - COMPACT and SMALL (Alder Creek provides tarps for group areas)

 1 pair walking shorts

2 cotton T shirts

Synthetic pile pants and jacket

Rain coat and pants
2 pair underwear

Towel (small)
Toilet kit
Long sleeve shirt

Sunglasses w/strap (chums or croakies)

Insect repellent 
Flashlight w/spare bulb and batteries

Spare eye glasses or contacts

Shoes and socks
small dry bags to store personal gear

Optional Gear:

Camera with film, batteries and dry storage

Camera w/film, batteries, and dry storage

Writing tablet and pen

Fishing gear and license

Folding chair (small)

Musical instruments (check w/us to make sure it is appropriate)


Alder Creek provides dry bags for your personal gear and group gear for camp. We can also provide all boats, paddles, and PFD's. If you have any questions about what to bring please contact us. Alder Creek has a full line of paddling equipment and accessories. We would be happy to assist you in getting outfitted for your trip. Please remember to keep your personal gear to a minimum, but keep your comfort in mind.

SPECIAL NOTE: We have chosen not to provide alcohol on our trips. If you would like to bring your own please feel free to do so, we will help with the storage and transportation. Aluminum, plastic and foil bags are easier to store than glass. We do not have alcohol on youth only trips.




Camping space


sleeping bag
ferry fees

Cancellation Policy

The Pacific Northwest is a dynamic and often unpredictable environment. All activities are run/fun rain or shine. All programs are conditions dependent and may change at any time at our discretion. In order to keep our programs affordable a minumum number of participants may be required. If we are unable to fill a program to a minimum requirement level we reserve the right to cancel the program. A full refund will be provided in the event of a cancelled or re-scheduled activity upon request. Please allow at least 48 hour notice for any cancellations or changes in your reservation. For multi-day trips we prefer to have a 7 day notice. Just give us a call at 503-285-0464. Cancellations within 48 hours of the program are NOT refundable.


only a few times per year


We will meet on Orcas Island at West Beach unless otherwise directed.


We will wrap up the trip on sunday afternoon on Orcas.

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